Wellness Plan savings are unlimited free exams!  Dog owners can enroll their dogs at anytime.  Call to schedule your dog's next exam and let us know you would like to enroll.
Wellness Plans
Serving Gahanna, New Albany, Blacklick, Westerville, Bexley and surrounding communities.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want my pet on a wellness plan?
Wellness plans are designed to provide excellent preventive care for your pet. This means we can prevent disease with vaccinations and catch potential illnesses early through physical exams and diagnostics, allowing us to treat them rather than waiting until there are clinical signs, pain, or a poor prognosis. The earlier we identify illness, the more effective our treatment is. Keeping your pet on a wellness plan allows you to keep them healthy while saving money at the same time.

How much are the plans? There are 3 plans: Puppy, Adult and Senior.  The puppy plan is $54/month, the adult plan is $39/month and the senior plan is $62/month.

Is there a membership fee?
Yes. In order to provide the convenience of monthly payments, we must ask for a one time membership fee with continual coverage.   First-time members pay a membership fee of $49.  After 1 year, there is no renewal membership fee.

Do I have to pay monthly?
No. Monthly payments are a convenient option we offer but you are certainly welcome to pay for the plan in full.

Are there any restrictions on who is eligible to pay monthly? Must have a checking account.  A voided paper check is needed to sign up for the plan. 

I have multiple pets. Is there a discount?
To keep our monthly payments affordable, there is no multiple pet discounts.

Is the plan pet specific?
Yes, each pet needs its own plan. If pets look identical, at least one of them must have a microchip. Please be advised that wellness plans are not transferrable to other pets.

What if I have to cancel the plan?
We understand that things can happen. If your pet passes away, or if you must move (more than 15 miles away from our location), and we have to cancel your plan, there are two types of refunds available:
If you have not yet used any services on the plan, you will be refunded 100%, minus the membership fee which is non-refundable.
If you have used one or more services, the regular price of the services used will be totaled. You will be responsible for the difference of the services used versus amount paid or, if you owe more than has been funded, you will be responsible for the remaining monthly payments or the cost of the services rendered, whichever is less.
Active plans cannot be cancelled for any other reason.

Are the wellness plans the same as pet insurance?
No. Pet insurance covers a percentage of any veterinary visit and is provided by a third party such as Embrace or Pets Best. Wellness plans are preventative visits and services designed to help keep your pet healthy.  Pet insurance is used for unexpected illness or accidents such as allergies and broken bones.

Does the plan auto-renew every year?
Yes. If you don’t take any action, the plan will renew.

After the first year, Puppy wellness plans will rollover to an adult plan with no additional membership fee.  You pay only the monthly fee for the new plan.

Adult plans will rollover to a senior plan on the renewal date after your dog’s 8th birthday.  All dogs over 8 years of age must be signed up for the senior wellness plan.

What date will the payment come out of my checking account?
The membership fee and first month’s payment are due at the time first services are used. Subsequent payments will be withdrawn at that same time each month.  Payment dates can be determined by the client and will be automatically withdrawn from a checking account.

What if a payment is missed?
If you have a failed payment, you need to call us immediately with new banking information or funding. There will be a $30 insufficient funds fee for all failed payment attempts. If you change checking accounts, please let us as soon as possible so we can avoid this fee.

Are there discounts on services outside the wellness plan?
To keep our wellness plans affordable, there are no additional discounts.  However, there is a 3% discount on additional services if paying with cash or check.

Why is heartworm, flea & tick prevention not included?  What about spay/neuter surgeries for puppies?
Due to the large variation in sizes/weights of dogs, plans do not include the cost of heartworm, flea or tick prevention or spay/neuter surgeries.

Can I use preventative care services if my pet is ill?
No. Preventative care services such as blood chemistry, urinalysis and fecal analysis are preventive screening tests and are not able to be used for times of illness or hospitalization.